Call for Applications for the ESREA Doctoral School May, 13–17, 2024, Universität Klagenfurt (Austria)

The Klagenfurt Research Retreat (KRR)

Research on Adult Education and Transformation

Mapping Possibilities and Embracing Complexity

May, 13-17, 2024 at Universität Klagenfurt (Austria)

The doctoral school on Adult Education and Transformation is conceptualised as a research retreat, offering a convivial space of intensive scholarly exchange based on discussion and reflection with doctoral students and an experienced, inspiring and enthusiastic faculty. The green campus of
Universität Klagenfurt is close to lake Wörthersee with parks and promenades and is a perfect
setting for networking, scholarly conversation, contemplation and leisure activities.

The attached Call for Applications has more information.
The deadline for submitting applications is January, 14 2024.

We appreciate if you share this call with colleagues and especially doctoral students who might be interested in the event.

With regards,
the KRR faculty:

Michel Alhadeff-Jones, Institut Sunkhronos, Geneva (Switzerland) & Columbia University, NY (USA)
Eva Cendon, FernUniversität Hagen (Germany)
Irene Cennamo, Universität Klagenfurt (Austria)
Fergal Finnegan, Maynooth University (Ireland)
Laura Formenti, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca (Italy)
Chad Hoggan, North Carolina State University (USA)
Monika Kastner, Universität Klagenfurt (Austria)
Peter Schlögl, Universität Klagenfurt (Austria)

Please get in touch with the local organising committee if questions occur: